Hear/Watch VAST ASTEROID With Their Mind-Boggling Apocalypse 2017 Journey…

Clips that will impress your eyes and your ears…



This will be the last Viva Video of the year, folks. But one you will remember for a very long time. Well, actually it’s a short movie rather than the traditional clip we all know. It’s fascinating Los Angeles‘ trio VAST ASTEROID who launched a highly eye-catching, extended video for ‘SPACEGAZE‘. Their monstrous closer of their 8-track  self-titled full-length. An almost 18-minute wall-of-mind-boggling sound escapade. A shattering, overwhelming
and electrical marathon jam that messes up your brain the way you’ll definitely like.

Drummer Mark Reback explains what happened: “Rancho de la Luna Studio host extraordinaire + co-conspirator Dave Catching of Eagles Of Death Metal, joined our
band with his guitar magic on a late night totally improvised jam that we were lucky
to capture on tape. No overdubs or editing, and the wind and rain and chimes were
recorded real time from the front porch of the studio during the storm outside while

we were jamming. It all adds up to pure sonic magic.”

Here’s the audio-visual Götterdämmerung experience, sounding and looking exactly like the past year. Scary, thunderous, confused, bewildered, tumultuous, nightmarish and full of black humor. Dim the lights, take a deep breath and experience Apocalypse 2017

VAST ASTEROID is L.A. based trio featuring The Warlocks former bassist Mimi Star, seminal Mancunian punk-rock band Slaughter And The Dogs. Stream/purchase the full album here on Bandcamp.

VAST ASTEROID: Facebook –  Twitter

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