Let’s COME TOGETHER And Hope That Everything Will Be ALRIGHT And OK In 2018…

2017 was an awful year for humankind
Intolerance, sexism, racism, and inequality
reared their ugly heads, again, thanks to
idiotic, narcissistic ‘Me, Myself and I’ elite of
politicians led by clown Trump(et), closely
followed by Erdogan, Theresa May, Kim Jong Un,
Putin and fanatic terrorists who murder viciously
in the name of a God…

Let’s hope that wit, reason, peace, understanding,
togetherness and love will be big again next year!
A couple of sonic screams will certainly help…

HELLO 2018!…



And many sonic thanks to the more than
40.000 visitors, from around the globe,
who came here to turn it up this past year…


One comment

  1. Liron Priborkin · January 6, 2018

    may this year will be a happy year, Liron Priborkin

    Liked by 1 person

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