SEVEN IN THE MIX! 7 Crackers For Week 3…

A brand new SEVEN IN THE MIX for a brand new week!
Seven vivid strokes I played on repeat these past days
Seven shiny tracks to feed body and soul all week long
Turn up the volume! Music is the dope! Here’s the stuff!

1/ ‘They Won’t Ever Leave Us Alone’ by BROKEN RECORDS (Edinburgh, Scotland)
Epic rock ecstasy with a sparkling impact on all of your sonic senses. A truly overwhelming and massive masterstroke you’ll have on repeat all day long. From the band’s new, fourth, album ‘What We Might Know’ – to be released on 30 March. All info here on Pledge Music.

BROKEN RECORDS: Website – Facebook – Twitter

2/ ‘Never Get My Love’ by GREAT NEWS (Bergen, Norway)
Highly sparkling pop euphoria from Northern Europe floating from New Order‘s best dancey moments to Vampire Weekend‘s exotic beats. Magical cut from their upcoming debut LP.

GREAT NEWS: Website – Facebook

3/ ‘Cathedral’ by MT. MOUNTAIN (Perth, Australia)
Driven by spine-tingling guitar electricity this impressive psychedelic rainbow transfers you, slowly but surely, to a mind-expanding level you want to stay on forever. Magnificent!

MT. MOUNTAIN: Facebook – Bandcamp

4/ ‘Hit It’ by GLOO (Littlehampton, South East England)
Smashing grunge hammer that will hit you from the first chord on. A clamorous knock-out uppercut to test your speakers’ flexibility. A perfect ‘wake-up your neighbourhood’ eruption.

GLOO: Facebook – Twitter

5/ ‘CPS’ by THE RINGARDS (London, UK)
Sounds like Billy Bragg bought himself a pair of brand new big Marshalls. Vintage British indie splendour with a gripping, melancholic feel that warms your heart. Marvellous!

THE RINGARDS: Facebook – Instagram – Twitter

6/ Two Weeks by HIGH UP (Omaha, NE, US)
Heated blues rapture to activate your heart, soul and limbs non-stop for a couple of weeks. From upcoming album ‘You Are Here’ – out February 23 via Team Love Records.

HIGH UP: Facebook / LABEL: Team Love Records

7/ ‘Easily Charmed’ by SUPER EGO (Flint, Michigan, US)
If legendary ego David Byrne and guitar heroes Television would jam together it would sound exactly like this. Fascinating, far-out and sonically drunk. This is an intriguing track from their brand new ‘The Complete First Season’ – full experience here on Bandcamp.

SUPER EGO: Facebook

See/hear you next week, music junkies…

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