THE PEARL HARTS Have A RUSH Before Their Debut Album ‘GLITTER AND SPIT’ Comes Out…

Sonic havoc that thrills us in a way we want to scream out loud…

15 January 2018

Finally, next month, London‘s bashing duo THE PEARL HARTS will release their debut LP with the sharp and cool title ‘GLITTER AND SPIT‘. D-day is 28 February. Details here. To keep us happy while we wait Kirsty and Sara share another taster from their first firework full length. In a press statement the new crackerjack is announced as a song that ‘embodies feminine empowerment and psychological strength‘. Singer Kirsty describes the wallop as ‘a rush of adrenaline flowing in your blood’. That’s what these outspoken ladies are all about. High-voltage garage rock that energizes body and soul. C’mon, hurry up. Move your furniture, alert the neighbours and turn it up, here comes THE RUSH

THE PEARL HARTS: Website – Facebook – Twitter

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