ROOTS & ROSES FESTIVAL in Belgium – Five Scorching Bands Recommended By TURN UP THE VOLUME!…

2 February 2018

If you’re hooked on terrific blues licks, boiling garage rock and modern folk firework then ROOTS & ROSES FESTIVAL is, unquestionably, the place to be. When? 1 May 2018. Where? Lessines, Belgium. This year’s line-up is probably the best ever. Info & tickets right here.
Check TURN UP THE VOLUME’s see/hear & go apeshit TOP FIVE. Here’s Who & Why…

1/ THE DARTS (Phoenix, AZ and Los Angeles, CA)
Who? Utterly cool garage cats released their inflammable debut LP Me.Ow. last year
Why? They’re sensual, sultry and sexy and claw like the best when they hit a stage…
More info: Facebook – Interview with TUTV
Music, Maestro, please…

2/ YAK (London)
Who? Young brats producing a hurricane hullabaloo on their debut LP Alas Salvation
Why? Last year they invaded Brussels with a big bang & I want to get knocked out again
More info: Facebook – Website
Music, Maestro, please…

3/ TJENS MATIC (Belgium)
Who? Belgian legend Arno playing crackers from 2 former bands Tjens Couter & TC.Matic
Why? Arno is a monument, one of the last original motherfuckers on this bloody planet…
More: Website
Music, Maestro, please…

4/ BLACK LIPS (Atlanta, US)
Who: Legendary flower punk pioneers released their 8th LP, brilliantly titled Satan’s Graffiti or God’s Art? last year. An ace mix of country crooners and red-hot uppercuts.
Why: Because their robustious garage cowpunk turns into rousing madness on a podium
Links: Facebook
Music, Maestro, please…

5/ LEFT LANE CRUISER (Fort Wayne, Indiana, US)
Who?: Blues punks who released their 9th album in 10 years: Claw Machine Wizard
Why? This highly turbulent duo matches the crushing noise of a Jumbo Jet…
More info: Facebook
Music, Maestro, please…

Hell yeah

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