Happy 76 To The Late Great King Of New York City… Mister LOU REED

2 March 2018

David Bowie once called Lou Reed the King Of New York. He was that and much more.
A wayward, narcissistic genius in sound and vision. From the experimental, hedonic days of The Velvet Underground to his protracted solo career – spanning five decades – with countless ups and occasional downs and multiple collaborations (with The Killers, Anthony Hegarty, Metallica, Gorillaz and more…). A fascinating human being and a poetic icon who created countless songs of pure magic. I saw him live (only) five times. Every show was a superior experience. Today he would have celebrated his 75th birthday. Lewis Allan Reed was born in Brooklyn, New York on 2 March 1942. Unfortunately, he passed away in 2013 due to a liver disease after a transplant. To celebrate the late legend’s birthday Turn Up
The Volume
picked three remarkable moments, not the obvious ones (Walk On The Wilde Side, Perfect Day, Satellite Of Love, I’m Waiting For The Man, Sweet Jane, Heroin etc.) but three monumental live performances I cherish as much as his global hits. Here we go…

* WAVES OF FEARparanoid lyrics – Capitol Theatre, Passaic, NJ, 25 Sept 1984

* STREET HASSLE Live in Spain 22 May 2003…

* NEW SENSATIONS Live at Farm Aid, Champaign, Illinois 22 Sept 1985

LOU REED: Website – Facebook – Discography

Happy B. legend, wherever you are

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