PICK OF THE DAY – Here’s DANCEHALL With Haunting ‘DRONERS’ Knockout…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

28 March 2018

London’s striking DANCEHALL are as they claim themselves “a trio of believers in distortion, energy and melody from who melds their droning shoegaze with serrated punk.” The newest track of these weird-o-rockers is a haunting, ongoing firecracker. Absolutely, DRONERS is a relentless stream of intoxicating electricity build around a blazing riff developing a magnetic and hypnotizing flow from start to finish. Highly addictive and made to play on repeat. Check the electrical knockout right here…

DANCEHALL: Facebook – Instagram –  Twitter

DRONERS will be on their debut LP – out 15 June via Vibe/Anti-Vibe.

When Heartwarming Voices KIRSTY MACCOLL & EVAN DANDO Have A Perfect LOU REED Day…

‘Perfect Day’
Original by LOU REED

Just one of those rare, magical moments when two memorable artists come together
to cover a timeless classic of a legendary icon in an unforgettable, touching way. That’s what the gorgeous KIRSTY MACCOLL and Lemonheads troubadour EVAN DANDO did with PERFECT DAY, one of the highlights on LOU REED‘s 1972 album Transformer. They turned this reflective diamond into something really touching special. Dreamy, romantic and heartwarming. You actually can feel the wondrous sensation of a ‘perfect day’. And, yes, the fact that MacColl and Reed already left us for another universe colors this pearl exceptionally melancholic. I guess we should cherish every single day to come…

This cover was the closing track on Kirsty Maccoll‘s 1995 compilation LP, titled GALORE.

Original PERFECT DAY version on TRANSFORMER – Reed’s second album – 1972

10 Questions For Steamy Synths Punks… KUDZU

Discover up and coming artists in 10 questions

From Springfield, Missouri here’s… KUDZU

KUDZU is a steamy two-piece engine. Mark Gillenwaters (vocals and guitar) and Seth Goodwin (vocals, synth, and drum programming) produce hectic-synths-punk-firework
that is both mind-blowing and sticky as top glue. The duo just released their new album DEFEATED. A fulminating 9-track fireball of electronic pandemonium. Thrashy, resounding and head-twisting. A couple of dreamy, reflective songs give you here and there time to reload your batteries and dive in again. An overall cutting achievement. Enough reasons
to have a chat. Let’s start the acquaintance with Turn Up The Volume‘s favorite smack on the LP. Fasten your seatbelts ’cause here comes ‘Burn Yourself‘…

Hello Kudzu, welcome at Turn Up The Volume!

1 / What’s the band’s name about?
“It’s an Asian vine that is invasive to the United States’ south. It was sold as a way to stop soil erosion, but it grows really fast and climbs houses, trees, shrubs, anything and kills any plants by shading them. It’s pretty shitty in the states but also it looks cool written down and we like short snappy names for things.”

2/ When did you know: ‘this is how we want to sound,
this is what we want to tell the world’?

“It was a process of trying a lot of different things and settling on something that felt true as our voice. We settled into post punk and synth pop and for inspiration for lyrics from personal experience.”

3/ Brand new, explosive album is titled ‘DEFEATED’. Who’s the beaten party?
“It’s probably us, or everybody. We tossed a few different ideas around that I can’t remember but ‘Defeated’ so perfectly describes the vibe we got from touring the
States in 2017. Everyone was in kind of a daze after the election and it was strange
seeing different communities deal with the consequences of having a reality tv star
for president.”

“America: you’re defeated”

4/ Which song would you pick as your signature track so far?
“‘No Backbone‘. It was one of the first songs we wrote and kinda set
the pace for all the others.”

5/ If KUDZU was a politician who would it be and why?
“Probably Stubbs the Cat aka ‘Mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska‘.”

6/ What movie would you pick to visualize the new album
on a big screen on stage when playing a show?

“I’ve been meaning to rewatch Pink Flamingos so I’d have to go with that.
The only downside is we wouldn’t be able to hear all the fantastic writing.”

7/ Whether The Simpsons live in your hometown – Springfield, Missouri – or not,
tell us who your favorite character is in the series.

“I think Matt Groening based Springfield off of a town in Oregon but I totally thought it was the same place as growing up. I’ll go for Lionel Hutz and Troy McClure. Phil Hartman really made both of those characters hilarious and it doesn’t hurt that the show had some of its best writers when he was on the show.”

Attorney at law Lionel Hutz delighted with Kudzu’s love”

8/ Your number one artist/band to do a world tour with?
Hannibal Buress.”

9/ If you could go back in time on which artist’s front door
would you knock and ask to have a selfie together?

Arthur Brown, seems like he’d take a good selfie.”

Arthur’s on fire

10/ Future plans for the band?
“A music video for ‘No Backbone‘ is in the works and a slew of
shows/small tours. Maybe we’ll finish another album soon too…”

Thanks for the chat guys.
May the road rise with KUDZU

DEFEATED in full right here…

Album available on Bandcamp

KUDZU: Facebook – Instagram – Twitter

(promo photo on top received via band)

PICK OF THE DAY – New York’s RICH GIRLS With Broken-Hearted Beauty ‘WAYNE’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

27 March 2018

I fell in love with New York’s duo RICH GIRLS after playing their harrowing 2016 EP ‘Love
Is The Dealer’
on repeat. Music for the midnight hours. A sonic companion for moony moments. Once you’ve heard singer/songwriter Luisa Black‘s voice you’ll never forget
her vulnerable and passionate timbre as her voice is touched by life, touched by up and downs, touched by melancholy. New track ‘WAYNE’ is another damn fine example of how authentic sentimentality really resonates like. It’s about “Post-addiction romance. Trying to keep the spark alive without the drama of drug-fueled late nights.” says Luisa. Rich Girls’ sound is timelessly human. It has heart, it has soul. Capture its beauty right here…

RICH GIRLS: Website – Facebook –  Twitter – More beauties on Bandcamp

The band’s debut full-length BLACK CITY is out next month via TRICYLE RECORDS

SUEDE Released Glamorous Debut Album 25 Years Ago…

Going back in sonic history looking for memorable albums…

27 March 2018



RELEASED: 29 March 1993 – 25 years ago

BBC MUSIC wrote: “Feted as the ‘best new band in Britain’ before they’d even released a single, Suede must surely be the one band of the Britpop pack who had to endure the most fallout from press. Yet, they survived. A large amount of this was because their debut album actually did live up to the noise. To be fair ‘Suede’ does carry its influences on its sleeve, but this was 1993 and post-modernism was the flavour du jour anyway. Suede’s main sources were Bowie and the Smiths. But the band had enough chutzpah and originality to weather the comparisons with ease. Bernard Butler’s awesome technique was the ace in the pack. Propelling three-minute bursts of pop perfection like “Metal Mickey” and “The Drowners” into the singles charts, the bands’ sham-glam reeked of a new kind of decadence, laced with black humour. The key text here is “Animal Nitrate”. Despite its punning title it’s a thrill-seeking slice of cynicism that perfectly summed up what it was like to be young and chemically imbalanced in the nation’s capital at the time. This was a foreshadow of Blair’s Britain. The way it sold (the fastest selling album of all time and straight in at number one) showed that the public not only believed the hype, they wanted it. All wrapped in androgyny and attitude, Suede delivered everything that we’d hoped for and more. Their fortunes were never to be as good again.”

TURN UP THE VOLUME says: Suede’s debut LP is their 2nd best next to magnum opus ‘Dog Man Star’. A fully loaded glam rollercoaster filled with a flashing quartet of four stunning singles and neo-romantic ballads. Exciting ride from start to finish.

THREE HIGHLIGHTS: Metal Micky / Animal Nitrate / The Drowners




Album in full…


A 25th Anniversary Silver Edition will be released 30 March – all info right here.

A 25th Anniversary Silver Edition will be released 30 March – all info right here.

SUEDE: Website – Facebook –  Twitter

SEVEN IN THE MIX! 7 Crackers For Week 13…

A brand new SEVEN IN THE MIX for a brand new week!
Seven solid strokes I played on repeat these past days
Seven top tracks to feed body and soul all week long
Turn up the volume! Music is the dope! Here’s the stuff!

1/ ‘Metaphors & Maps’ by YOUNGEST OF ELDERS (San Francisco, Bay Area, US)
Here’s a vibrant crackerjack that hits you from the very start. Ardent, vivacious and catchy as bloody hell. Flamboyant guitars, powerful drums and impassioned vocals. Top score!
YOUNGEST OF ELDERS: Facebook – Instagram –  Twitter

2/ ‘Can’t Tell You Anything’ by LAVA DOLLS (Hamilton, Ontario, Canada)
My fav track from this hefty grunge trio’s new EP. A highly clamorous killer cut with a knockout chorus. Terrific firework. Here’s the new EP ‘Little Secrets’ in full on Spotify.

LAVA DOLLS: Website – Facebook – Twitter

3/ ‘That’s’ by IN HOODIES (Bursa, Turkey)
Murat Kılıkçıer aka In Hoodies generates dazzling electricity with this red-hot steamroller.
A robust blast from his new 4-track EP ‘Circling The Cage’. Check it here on Bandcamp.

IN HOODIES: Website – Facebook – Twitter

4/ ‘Let Down’ by SHYBITS (UK/US)
A jingle jangle garage stroke that will impact your head’s movements with rattling guitars, solid drums and agitated vocals. From this duo’s new EP ‘Idiot Like You‘, here on iTunes.

SHYBITS: Facebook  / Label: Duchess Box Records

5/ ‘The Devil And Me’ by SLUTTY HEARTS (Portland, US)
This blustery mid-tempo blues rock hammer kicks gloriously. Ardent vocals, fervent
guitars and a sexy organ in the back. A thunderous bravado all the way. Hot stuff!

SLUTTY HEARTS: Facebook – More SH music on Bandcamp

6/ ‘Blue And Bleu’ by THE RAFT (Liverpool, UK)
The Raft is singer/songwriter Phil Wilson‘s musical project. The opener of his new EP
is a poppy rainbow, colored with sunlit Teenage Fanclub like harmonies. Delightfully orchestrated with a melancholic touch. Check new 4-track EP ‘Orion’ on Bandcamp

THE RAFT: Facebook

7/ ‘Butterflies’ by STONY SUGARSKULL (Berlin, Germany)
Monika Demmle aka Stony Sugarskull has that mysterious, vocal timbre of ex-Mazzy Star singer Hope Sandoval. Gloomy and downhearted, yet weirdly attractive and sensual.

STONY SUGARSKULL: Butterflies available on Bandcamp – Facebook – Instagram

See/hear you next week, music junkies