Great longplayers from the past…

‘The Downward Spiral’

Release: 8 March 1994
Second album

Rolling Stone wrote: “NIN achieve a new kind of loud on The Downward Spiral: accessible hard-rock moves overlaid with a scrim of electronic racket, white noise, screams, the kind of blown-speaker rattle that seems to use the limitations of crappy stereo equipment the way that Hendrix riffed on the distortion that howled from overdriven Marshall stacks. It’s a new frontier in rock & roll: music that pins playback levels far into the red. You have only two options with this album: Play it too softly, or play it too loud. Reznor’s voice seduces and insinuates where it previously expressed itself only in animal screams; it slithers into your ears and curls up somewhere near the medulla oblongata. This album is about music the blade runner might throw down to: low-tech futurism that rocks.”

Album in full

NIN: Website – Facebook – Discography

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