Remarkable albums from the past

‘Climate Of Hunter’

Released: March 1984
Eleventh studio album

THE GUARDIAN wrote: “Occupying a haunted no-man’s land between post-punk, prog and plainsong, the deep blue blanket of Walker’s voice curls around elusive, allusive lyrics that hint at meaning but often seem to exist simply as games played with sound. Unexpected guests Billy Ocean and Mark Knopfler (he and Walker shared a manager) are subsumed in the music’s obtuse majesty. What followed was 12 years of silence, until 1995’s magnificent Tilt. Climate
of Hunter remains an enigmatic and frequently magical record; something both to puzzle and marvel at.”

TURN UP THE VOLUME says: ‘Fascinating voice, obscure stories, wayward song structures.’

Album in full

SCOTT WALKER: Facebook – All Albums

From pop star to experimental song creator

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