TODAY’S YESTERDAY ALBUM – ‘Pauline Murray and The Invisible Girls’ – Only PAULINE MURRAY Solo LP…

Remarkable albums from the past

‘Pauline Murray and The Invisible Girls’

One and only solo album
Released: October 1980

ALL MUSIC wrote: “When original 1977 Manchester punk band Penetration split up in 1979, singer Pauline Murray immediately went solo, taking bassist/boyfriend Robert Blamire with her and putting together a “dream team” backing group hard to beat. The Invisible Girls include the LP’s legendary producer, Martin Hannett (Joy Division/New Order). The material is all excellent, especially the knockout opener “Screaming in the Darkness” and the Magazine-like single “Mr. X.” This was one of the most inspired and unique solo LPs the punk generation produced.” Score: 4/5 – Full review here.

TURN UP THE VOLUME‘s Top track: DREAM SEQUENCE… that voice!!!…

Album in full
Original tracklist: #1-#11



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