THE ROLLING STONES Released Knockout Single ‘JUMPIN’ JACK FLASH’ 50 Years Ago Today…

When timeless in sound and vision it’s a…


24 May 2018

But it’s all right / I’m Jumpin’ Jack Flash / It’s a gas, gas, gas

On 24 May 1968, 50 years ago today, THE ROLLING STONES released
one of their hottest singles. JUMPIN’ JACK FLASH, accidentally inspired by
Keith Richards‘ gardener Jack Dyer. The song’s sound was pretty innovating.

The Human Riff explained at the time (I haven’t a clue what he’s talking about): “I used a Gibson Hummingbird acoustic tuned to open D, six string. Open D or open E, which is the same thing – same intervals – but it would be slackened down some for D. Then there was a capo on it, to get that really tight sound. And there was another guitar over the top of that, but tuned to Nashville tuning. I learned that from somebody in George Jones’ band in San Antonio in 1964. The high-strung guitar was an acoustic, too. Both acoustics were put through a Philips cassette recorder. Just jam the mic right in the guitar and play it back through an extension speaker.”

Rolling Stone Magazine wrote: “supernatural Delta blues by way of Swinging London”

THE ROLLING STONES: Website – Facebook – Singles Discography

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