Remarkable albums from the past…

Released: 1982 / The band’s third longplayer

PITCHFORK review: “‘Sextet’ is either that era’s creepiest, boggiest dance album or its funkiest smear of brittle art-noise… One axis of the Sextet-era band is Tilson, who’s as odd a vocalist as they could have picked. She’s perpetually lagging behind the beat and beneath the pitches for which she’s reaching, and she swallows her words, as if she’s struggling to repeat them to herself… meanwhile Kerr and Johnson are doing their damnedest to play funk as hard as the Sugar Hill Records house band–hitting precise, clipped grooves while their band mates run interference with haphazardly flung splashes of atonal piano and dissonant horn bleats… ‘Sextet’ is a gorgeous mess, slumped against the back wall of the best dance club in town.” – Score: 8/10 – Full review here

TURN UP THE VOLUME says: Highly infectious funk eccentricity standing the test of time brilliantly! Blow the horns, hit the bass and shake your booty, folks! My favorite tracks: Lucinda / Knife Slits Water / Skipscada

Album in full…

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Funk eccentrics

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