TODAY’S YESTERDAY ALBUM – ‘How I Learned To Love The Bootboys’ – Final LP By THE AUTEURS…

Remarkable albums from the past…

‘How I Learned To Love The Bootboys’ by THE AUTEURS
Released: 5 July 1999 – the London band’s fourth and final LP

ALL MUSIC wrote: “The most refined of England’s bands manages to refine itself even further on their 4th disc. How ‘I Learned to Love the Bootboys’ is Luke Haines’ most immediate sounding release to date, and even though his claim that each of the record’s 12 tracks are singles sounds a bit highfalutin, he’s not far off…. While each of The Auteurs’ three prior albums are equally arresting, there are points at which the mind tends to wander, but not here. Haines’ familiar themes of Englishness, youth, and hooliganism remain, playing like another short movie. The cohesiveness of the record is no small feat, given the wide-ranging sounds and moods.”
Score: 4.5/5 – Full review here

TURN UP THE VOLUME! says: When you close your eyes The Auteurs‘ final LP feels like a movie rolling on a screen inside your head. Singer/songwriter Luke Haines designed here so many different stories, so many affecting moods, so many sonic experiences, so many compelling pop pearls.

ALBUM in full…


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