NIRVANA – Their Final And Outstanding LP ‘IN UTERO’ Came Out 25 Years Ago…

Going back in sonic history looking for memorable albums…

20 September 2018


Album: IN UTERO – third and final LP

Released: 21 September 1993 – 25 years ago

ROLLING STONE review: “This is the way Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain spells success: s-u-c-k-s-e-g-g-s. Never in the history of rock & roll overnight sensations has an artist, with the possible exception of John Lennon, been so emotionally overwhelmed by his sudden good fortune, despised it with such devilish vigor and exorcised his discontent on record with such bristling, bulls-eye candor… ‘In Utero’ is a lot of things — brilliant, corrosive, enraged and thoughtful, most of them all at once. But more than anything, it’s a triumph of the will.”
Score: 4.5/5 – Full review here.

TURN UP THE VOLUME! says: Heart-piercing eruptions. Emotional musings.
Profound sentiments. Deeply human. Unquestionably Nirvana’s magnum opus!

THREE TOP TRACKS: All Apologies / Heart-Shaped box / Scentless Apprentice




ALBUM in full…

NIRVANA: Website – Facebook – All Albums


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