HISTORY – 25 March 1969 – John & Yoko 50 Years Ago…

25 March 2019

Fifty years ago today, on 25 March 1969 (5 days after their marriage in Gibraltar) John Lennon and Yoko Ono started their first week-long ‘bed-in’ in Amsterdam’s Hilton hotel. The pair invited the world’s press every single day to discuss and promote world peace
as the only way for humankind to survive.

If you look at the state of our messed-up planet today you can almost cry. Let’s see
who’s in charge these days: Trump, Putin, Erdoğan, Kim Jong-un, May, Netanyahu, Orbán, jihad fanatics and many other narcissistic scum. Thanks to all those dangerous populists nationalism, racism, inequality and intolerance are blossoming again, even more than ever. Lennon and Ono were ridiculed by the ones who should have paid attention and
they were branded as two famous, idealistic dreamers. Peace was never ever given a chance because it scares the shit out of the worldwide military industry and its greedy shareholders. Only the nuclear arms race and war pay off. Yep, nothing has changed
since 1969, on the contrary…

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