THE BEATLES Started A 7 Week Run On Top Of The UK Albums Chart 53 Years Ago…

13 August 1966


I’m sure nowadays high-profile artists would sell their souls to the devil just for free if they only could create just a fraction of the very genius of THE BEATLES‘ (and sonic ideas wizard George Martin) masterpiece REVOLVER. Every single chord, every single note, every single beat, every single vocal, every single harmony, every single lyric, every single handclap still sounds – even in today’s high-tech world – perfect, more than half a century after it was released! A landmark achievement. Genial fab pop experts forever.

It was their 7th longplayer and landed on the top spot of the
UK Albums Chart this day 53 years ago, on 13 August 1966.

Three cuts from an all killers, no fillers LP…




REVOLVER in full…

Check 20 cool things, thanks to NME magazine,
you should know about REVOLVER right here.


THE BEATLES: Website – Facebook – Discography

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