Holidays In The Sun With Iconic French Rocker And Awesome Songster… JACQUES DUTRONC


I’m back again for the umpteenth time in that lovely little village called 
Puget-sur-Argens – between Nice and St-Tropez – just a couple of miles from
the blissfully beautiful Mediterranean Sea/French Riviera in the South Of France
having my annual vacation with my beloved wife (married 10 years next week).

The best thing, besides the delicious food and delectable wine, the colourful nature
and the glaring sun is a relaxing car drive along the blue sea with all windows open, inhaling the refreshing air, while listening to JACQUES DUTRONC the legendary
French singer/songwriter/rocker/actor/playboy, now 76, still married, although
living divorced for years now, with the wonderful singer and sixties sex symbol
Françoise Hardy.

Way back in the sixties (and still now) Dutronc was unquestionably the coolest French rocker around, writing politically loaded chansons and no nonsense rockers. Outside
of France he was a cult figure and the provocative exponent for French garage rock.
The two biggest bands of that era, the Fab Four and the Stones were devoted fans.

The swinging sixties. Jagger, Dutronc and Hardy…

The man who enjoyed a big cigar now and then released a career-spanning album this year titled ‘FUME… c’est du Best!‘ containing 45 songs. I’ve made my own selection. Here come Turn Up The Volume‘s 30 favorite Jacques Dutronc moments. Fantastique…

JACQUES DUTRONC: Website – Biography

Album in full on Spotify

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