Best Concerts Of 2019 (Pt 4) – Here Are Roaring English Misfits FAT WHITE FAMILY…

Turn Up The Volume looks back at his favourite concerts of 2019…

FAT WHITE FAMILY – Dour festival Belgium – Sunday 14 July 2019

Here’s the original review

Dedicated followers know that Turn Up The Volume has his eyes and ears on wayward motherrockers FAT WHITE FAMILY from their early days on. So far this gang made 3 albums, 2 half great ones and one near-brilliant (their newest: Serfs Up!) and blew my hungry mind every time I saw them take a stage. Yesterday night at Dour festival in Belgium it happened once more again despite the fact that Saul Adamczewski and his astonishing live guitar psych play was nowhere to be seen or heard. He was replaced (partially) by a sultry saxophone player. Guess what? It worked damn well. Hell yeah!

Needless to say that hyperkinetic frontman Lias Saudi led the trippy troops again with a red-hot-blooded intensity and a raging persuasiveness. One day his head will explode on the podium. He’s the madman in the middle every single second. Yes, Lias, we know you wanna be the best. You know, you’re actually the best fucking ringleader on the planet right now of the only band that matters right now and that ended a steamy performance with the terrifically frenetic closer ‘Bomb Disneyland‘ leaving an ecstatic crowd behind begging for more. I’m still bloody tired after a long day/night writing this stuff this very moment so I’ll leave you with some visual impressions of the Fat Whites Bombing Dour

Madman in the middle

The Fat White Family Orchestra

“I’m Mark E. Smith”

Best ringleader on this troubled planet

Believing in something better

Stream new album SERFS UP! here…


(All concert pics by Turn Up The Volume!)



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