PJ HARVEY Released One Of Her Best Albums 25 Years Ago Today – Here’s TO BRING YOU MY LOVE’…

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27 February 2020

The wonderful PJ HARVEY released her third LP ‘TO BRING YOU MY LOVE’
on 27 February 1995, 25 years ago today. Her first collaboration with John Parish.
It was her breakthrough longplayer, heavily promoted by her major label Island
. In my book one of her best achievements. All killers, no fillers. Intense,
sensual, compelling high-quality songwriting. The album reached #12 in the UK
and #40 in the US.

Rolling Stone wrote at the time: “Harvey has ambitions to remake rock & roll and
its myths in her own guise. So what’s this young, white, bluesdrenched woman doing?
In attempting to create a sexual landscape as charged as the Midnight Rambler’s,
Harvey envisions a teeming underworld where she is victim, aggressor and accomplice,
song by song.”
. Full review here – Score: 4/5

Singles: To Bring You My Love / C’mon Billy / Send His Love To Me


– C’mon Billy –


Album in full…

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