British Indie Rockers THE HIDEAWAYS Strike With Hypnotic Riff Single ‘LUMINESCENCE’…

18 March 2020


Who: Thrilling four-piece from Bristol, UK – “The Hideaways’ sound is a combination of
raging guitars and driving rhythms alongside dark electronic and subtle trip-hop influences.”

Track: LUMINESCENCE – frontman Danny Pugh: “I reckon Luminescence is a spot on example of what we’re about musically. When we’re writing we always try to stick a few left turns in tunes that might catch people off guard a bit. That’s what we wanted to get from mixing the psychedelic, eerie choruses with all the snarl and noise in the verses. Then for the outro we just wanted something massive that’d give everyone a proper melodic smack in the face”.

Score: My oh my, I can’t get that relentless, boiling guitar riff out of my vibrating head
and so won’t you when you go nuts to it for the umpteenth time. And there’s even more blistering tumult going on, in between. A towering chorus, mindboggling electricity here and there and fervid, hair-raising vocals.!

Lose yourself here…

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