‘DON’T BELIEVE THE TRUTH’ – Sixth OASIS Longplayer Released 15 Years Ago…

Old and new albums to make your day…

31 May 2020

Band: Oasis
Album: Don’t Believe The Truth 
Released: 30 May 2005 – 15 years ago

The Guardian wrote: “Little is the same as it was back then, for all parties concerned, but this is where Oasis start to mend some broken promises. It feels like a lifetime since a new album from the Gallaghers justified the hype and rhetoric spun on its behalf, but this is so good, it makes you want to pour not one but two glasses of Jack-Daniels over your head.”

Key words: One of their best longplayers, Mucky Velvet Underground Fingers, mad for it Liam, supersonic rockers and a couple of anthemic ballads, Sally’s sister Lyla, Kaïn and Abel, just get back together for one mega tour brudders and fight again afterward.

Key tracks: Mucky Fingers / Lyla / The Importance Of Being Idle / Keep The Dream Alive /
Let There Be Love

– LYLA –


Full album

OASIS: Facebook

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