Sassy Swagger Stroke – Indie Leeds Rockers EADES With New Jangly Cut ‘FORGET WHAT YOU WANT’

7 June 2020


Who: Five indie rockers out of Leeds, UK with a LoFi approach to generate
a sound at once unique and instantly recognisable.

Track: FORGET WHAT YOU WANT – new single with the lyrics written by vocalist
Harry Jordan alongside a long-time close friend, who has struggled with addiction
in and out of rehab over the last couple of years.

Score: The jiggish jingle-jangle intro makes your aural antenna tremble instantly and making you think of the sassy swagger of New York darlings The Strokes and 70s legends Television who also operated from the city that never sleeps. Pretty zippy cool, pretty dashing, and totally cool. Is this it? Oh yeah, echoes from Tom Verlaine‘s innovative
guitar play rings like Big Apple electricity in your ears. Buzzing stuff!

Check in here…

EADES: Facebook

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