Sepia-Colored Reverie – Listen To New Single ‘RIVER’ By Irish Singer/Songwriter A. SMYTH

Reveries for the laziest day of the week

22 November 2020

A. SMYTH is an emerging Dublin, Ireland artist who makes driven, lush and
melodic folk-pop, channeling the dreaminess of Sufjan Stevens and the hooky
choruses and vigorous verses of Elliott Smith’s more robust songs, with a touch
of Nick Drake’s bucolic finger-plucking loveliness.

His new, romantic single RIVER is about “that sense of loss you feel when you’re
struggling to find your place in the world. Or even in your own life”
explains Smyth.
It’ll be on his upcoming album ‘Last Animals’, out on 19th February 2021.

It’s a sepia-colored reverie with that moony and enamoured attractiveness that
makes you stop doing what you’re doing as your thoughts float away and reality
is frozen for a while. Nostalgia with a soothing effect. Looking-back meditation
with more questions than answers Wondering about life, about yesterday, today
and tomorrow.

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A. Smyth photographed by Mark Duggan

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