THE BEATLES – Pop & Rock Masterpiece ‘RUBBER SOUL’ Came Out 55 Years Ago

4 December 2020

Album: RUBBER SOUL – sixth LP
Released: 3 December 1965 – 55 years ago

Pitchfork said: “To modern ears, Rubber Soul and its pre-psychedelic era mix of 1960s pop, soul, and folk could seem tame, even quaint on a cursory listen. But it’s arguably the most important artistic leap in the Beatles’ career– the signpost that signaled a shift away from Beatlemania and the heavy demands of teen pop, toward more introspective, adult subject matter. It’s also the record that started them on their path toward the valuation of creating studio records over live performance. If nothing else, it’s the record on which their desire for artistic rather than commercial ambition took center stage– a radical idea at a time when the success of popular music was measured in sales and quantity rather than quality.” Full review here. Score: 10/10.

John Lennon: “Rubber Soul was the pot album, and Revolver was acid. I mean, we
weren’t all stoned making Rubber Soul, because in those days we couldn’t work on pot.”

George Harrison: “We all think it’s just about our best LP. I can’t wait for it to come out.
The sleeve’s finished too, and the picture on the front is pretty good!”

Paul McCartney: “The effect was to stretch the perspective and elongate the faces. We excitedly asked photographer Robert Freeman if it was possible to print the photo this way. Being Bob, he said, ‘Yes,’ and the cover to our album Rubber Soul was decided.”

Turn Up The Volume: Every note, every chord, every hook, every vocal, every harmony
is spot-on, proving once again they were and still are the world champions of perfect pop tunes. All killers, no fillers.

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