THE CLASH Released Triple Album ‘SANDINISTA!’ 40 Years Ago Today

12 December 2020

Album: SANDINISTA! – 4th LP

Released: 12 December 1980 – 40 years ago today
Score: #19 in the UK, #24 in the US, #3 in Canada

AllMusic: “The Clash sounded like they could do anything on London Calling. For its triple-album follow-up, Sandinista!, they tried to do everything, adding dub, rap, gospel, and even children’s choruses to the punk, reggae, R&B, and roots rock they already were playing. Instead of presenting a band with a far-reaching vision, like London Calling did, Sandinista! plays as a messy, confused jumble, which means that its numerous virtues are easy to ignore… its sloppy attack is disheartening after the tour de force of London Calling and the focused aggression of The Clash.” Full review here. Score: 3.5/5.

Mick Jones: “I always saw it as a record for people who were, like, on oil rigs.
Or Arctic stations. People that weren’t able to get to the record shops regularly.”

Eh, come again, Mick.

Turn Up The Volume: Collect the best tracks and you’ll end up with
a magnificent one album. Yep, as the late great Joe Strummer said with
a big grin on his face: “it was triply outrageous”.

Singles: The Magnificent Seven / The Call Up / Hitsville UK




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