This Day In 1983 Was A BLUE MONDAY…

7 March 2021

Band: NEW ORDER (Manchester, UK)
Active: 1980–1993, 1998–2007, 2011–present

B-sides: The Beach (7″) and Thieves Like Us (12″)

Released: 7 March 1983 – 38 years ago today
Score: #1 on UK indie chart / #4 on US dance chart / most sold 12″ ever.

Gillian Gilbert (keyboards) revealed in 2013: “The synthesizer melody is slightly
out of sync with the rhythm. This was an accident. It was my job to program the entire
song from beginning to end, which had to be done manually, by inputting every note.
I had the sequence all written down on loads of A4 paper Sellotaped together the length
of the recording studio, like a huge knitting pattern. But I accidentally left a note out,
which skewed the melody.

How does it feel
When you treat me like you do

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