Gabba Gabba Hey! Punk Icons RAMONES Released Game Changing Debut Album 45 Years Ago

22 April 2021

Band: RAMONES (Forest Hills, Queens, New York, U.S.)
All 4 original members Joey, Tommy, Dee Dee, and Johnny
passed away. R.I.P.
Active: 1974 – 1964 / 14 studio albums

Album: RAMONES – self-titled debut LP
Released: 23 April 1976 – 45 years ago today

The Village Voice‘s Robert Christgau wrote: “While the power of the band’s
music draws from ‘fairly ominous sources’ like Nazi imagery and brutality, I
cannot deny the ‘sheer pleasure’ of the music. For me, it blows everything else
off the radio: it’s clean the way the Dolls never were, sprightly the way the Velvets
never were, and just plain listenable the way Black Sabbath never was.”

Turn Up The Volume: In my punk book, this gabba gabba hey debut
was a game-changer. Turning bubblegum pop into sickly catchy and
speeding blitzkrieg electricity was just jaw-dropping and therefore,
without a shadow of a doubt, da brudders’ best exploit. A timeless
document in rock history. Hail hail!

Singles: Blitzkrieg Bop / I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend



All the glue right here…

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