THE ROLLING STONES – Blues Rock Classic ‘STICKY FINGERS’ Released 50 Years Ago

Back in time…

24 April 2021

Active since 1962 – 23rd British and
25th American studio albums (so far).

First longplayer with Mick Taylor as official Stones member.
Released: 23 April 1971 – 50 years ago
Score: No 1 in the UK, US, Canada
and several European countries

Pitchfork wrote: “Given the weight of history behind it and its centrality to the
story of both the Rolling Stones and rock music as a whole, it can be difficult to
put on Sticky Fingers and try and hear it for what it was: the highly anticipated
new album from one of the biggest bands in the world, a group that at the time
hadn’t released a new one in two years (in 1971, that was an eternity). They were
called the World’s Greatest Rock’n’Roll Band for entirely too long, but if that
designation ever applied it was here.”
Full review here. Score: 10/10.

Turn Up The Volume: Nothing but sympathy for these devils.

Singles: Brown Sugar / Wild Horses


Full fingers…

STONES: Facebook

Back sleeve…

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