Get Up, Get On Up, Stay On The Scene – London Gang WARMDUSCHER Threw A Funky Punky Party In Belgium

20 September 2021

Who: Post-punk gang from London
Music: 3 albums (so far) with the 2019 full length
Tainted Lunch as their most recent and also their
outstanding best.

Where: Leffingeleuren Festival – Belgium
When: Friday 17 September 2021

Holy Moses! What a blast! What a fucktastic blast it was! The first gig of these warm showerers on Belgian soil is one to remember for a very long time. The misfits – including Fat White Family’s ace guitarist – threw a non-stop lets-get-out-of-our-heads party. With Sly and The Family Stone‘s There’s a Riot Goin’ On in mind the London gang punked and funked while a great part of the audience jumped around like drunk kangaroos.

Fervent frontman Clams Baker Jr is a reincarnated version of James Brown and leads the troops from start to finish. With a set, mostly consisting of disco-infused rippers from lastest LP Tainted Lunch, and a trio of new jiving jackhammers (with one hell of a punked-up steamroller) the temperature got hotter and hotter until the orgiastic finale with some spectators losing their marbles. As I said this was a blustery blast! Warmduscher is a well-oiled turbo, a tight hit team with tons of smoking tunes, a band you wanna see again as soon as possible. Hell bloody hell yeah!

Here’s an idea of their live vibe…

Now get up, get on up,
and buy Tainted Lunch
and stay on the scene.

Right here, right now…


There’s a riot going on in Belgium

(all live photos by Turn Up The Volume!)

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