Gone But Not Forgotten! JOE STRUMMER 1952-2002

Looking back at great artists of the past with 3 big moments

22 December 2021

John Graham Mellor, known by the world as JOE STRUMMER was born
in Ankara, Turkey (his father was a British diplomat from Anglo-Armenian
and Jewish origin, his mother was Scottish) on 21 August 1952.

The maverick frontman of the last gang in town THE CLASH died, only 50,
on 22 December 2002, 19 years ago today in Broomsfield, Summerset, England,
following a heart attack. A sudden and sad, really sad loss. Rest in peace, 101er.

A pure singer-songwriter.
A pure loudmouth on stage.
A pure and caring heart.

A natural-born rock star icon loved
then, now, and forever by millions.

Turn Up The Volume picked these
3 big moments to remember the man…

(From 1989 album Earthquake Weather)

(From 2003 album Streetcore with The Mescaleros)

(Live with The Pogues)

Last March saw the release of a solo Joe Strummer
called The Assembly.

Stream here…



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