Gone But Not Forgotten! GENERATION X Fronted By BILLY IDOL (1976–1981)

Remembering memorable bands of the past

27 January 2022

Who: Glam and glitter punks from London
fronted by blonde God Billy Idol. Born as
William Michael Albert Broad 66 years ago.

Active: 1976-1981 / 4 studio LPs

Gen X looked like a teenage boys band playing teenybopper punk
and build a massive fan base mostly with their shouty riff-rock-fueled
singles and, of course, Billy‘s looks. After the split in 1981 Idol moved
to America to start a titanic solo career (remember White Wedding?).
Bassist Tony James formed eccentric-looking novelty band
Sigue Sigue Sputnik.

Three top GENERATION X moments…


(dbut single)

– LIVE 1977 –
(Before Billy turned blonde)

GENERATION X: Facebook – Story

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