Happy 77 To One Of The Original Singer-Songwriters ROBERT WYATT

28 January 2021

Singer-songwriter ROBERT WYATT (real name Robert Wyatt-Ellidge) was born
on 28 January 1945. Happy 77 to the man who formed Soft Machine (1966)
and Matching Mole (1971). He became paraplegic following an accidental fall
from a window in 1973.

He started a long and much-acclaimed solo career which ended in 2014 when
he retired with this message: “Here is a pride in stopping, I don’t want the music
to go off.”

To celebrate his birthday here’s the tremendously beautiful pearl Shipbuilding.
A song about the Falklands War. Clive Langer composed the music and Elvis Costello
wrote the lyrics as Wyatt wasn’t happy about his own words. Released as a single in
1982, re-released a year later.

What a wonderous voice


(photo on top: from the cover of his ‘Different Every Time’ album)

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