Movie Poster This! MULHOLLAND DRIVE (David Lynch) – 2001

Cinema posters of Turn Up The Volume’s favorite films

6 March 2022


Story: “A mysterious woman escapes a traffic accident with a bag full of money, but without her memory. Meanwhile, Betty Elms has appeared in L.A., hoping to start a film career. When Betty finds the nameless woman in her apartment, she decides to help her. The two women embark on a bizarre quest for the truth.” (Music Meter)

Actors: Naomi Watts – Laura Harring – Justin Theroux

Director: David Lynch

TUTV: All the great Lynch characteristics – (ir)reality, hallucination, delusions, fiction, absurdity, fantasy, nightmares – come together here and turn your mind upside down. Perplexing stuff. And the Rebekah Del Rio performance – see below – is heart-stirring.


Top scene

When American singer/songwriter Rebekah Del Rio, who has a three-octave vocal range, sings Roy Orbison‘s melodramatic song Cryin’ in Spanish, titled Llorando, in an obscure theatre watched by the two main role actresses, confused and in tears. Every single time (read: tons of times) I saw/see this fragment shivers go down my spine.


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