‘Excuse Me While I Kiss The Sky’ – THE JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE Released ‘PURPLE HAZE’ 55 Years Ago Today

18 March 2022

This day, 55 (!!!) years ago the late genial guitar hero (27 Nov 1942 – 18 Sept 1970)
JIMI HENDRIX and his experienced tandem, bassist Noel Redding and drummer
Mitch Mitchell released their second single, the big stunner called PURPLE HAZE.

Hendrix about the song: “The song we had named ‘Purple Haze’ had about a thousand, thousand words. I had it all written out. It was about going through, through this land. This mythical land, because that’s what I like to do is write a lot of mythical scenes. You know,
like the history of the wars on Neptune.”

Studio version…

Live version…


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