SUMMER JUKEBOX PARTY – Part 8 – 20 Vibrant Vibes

Weekly playlist for all you party animals out there

It’s still summertime.
It’s still cocktail time.
It’s still groove and move time.

Here comes another non-stop
Wurlitzer jukebox party.

20 Vibrant Vibes.
Old and New.

This week’s entertainers

Death In Vegas
Pussy Riot
Dancing With Ghosts
Lene Lovich
Pleasure Craft
The Daily Worker
Jake Chisholm
Hause Plants
Future West
Death Cab For Cutie
Jody & The Jerms
Spirits Of Leo
Gently Tender
The Wombats

Right here.
Right now.


Don’t forget!

See/hear you all, music jubkies

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