ALEX JAMES – British Misfits Full Tilt Ahead On Their New Rollicking Ripper ‘TELL ME’

New striking strokes

4 September 2022

Who: A wheelchair-fronted, high energy
alternative rock band from the North East.

Alex James (frontman): “Music has really helped me to live with Duchenne
Muscular Dystrophy… I create music for fun and to help others, with the aim
of leaving behind a legacy that lasts for generations”

New single: TELL ME

Written by James around the concept that sometimes even when we have everything
we could ever asked for in life, we can still feel unsatisfied and unhappy. The song allows people to question this very concept perfectly with the repeated lyrics “D’ya know what
I mean?
” and catchy lines “Do you know what it’s like?”.

TUTV: Expect a rollicking ripper bucking up all the way. A sterling rocker that
scurries full tilt with steamy swagger pushed by a flat-out rhythm section, storming
guitars – think Black Sabbath‘s Paranoid riff – and James‘ lively vocals. When the sizzling chorus kicks in, it’s jumping up and down time. Tell all your friends about this zinger of a song.

Exuberant score!

ALEX JAMES: Facebook – Instagram

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