Devout And Desirous Passion With THE CASE And Their New Single ‘AFTER YOU’

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10 November 2022

(credit: Bianca Petris)

Who: Firm 4-piece from Romania who started their journey in 2012, always
refining their rock & grunge sound. On their creative process, the band reckons
they “tried to create a space where originality prevails, to detach themselves from
the current musical cliches while glorifying their lord and savior David Bowie.

New single: AFTER YOU
It’s the third piece following Throne and Fever, from their
three-song collaboration with Italian producer Enrico Tiberi.

TUTV: As with the two previous singles the keyword here is PASSION.
Devout and burning. After You grabs your aural attention for the full
five and a half minutes. It’s an epic heartbreaker with a febrile metallic
up-and-down progression. A powerful orchestrated symphony.
Three consecutive top compositions. A sonic hat-trick.

Press play and feel the intenseness…

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