New Albums 2023 – Newcastle Trashers PIGS (X 7) Turn Up The Heat In February

6 January 2023

Newcastle’s fierce trash punks PIGS PIGS PIGS PIGS PIGS PIGS PIGS
share a new album – their 5th – with the world, named Land Of Sleeper
on 17 February 2023. Pre-order details here.

Info: Whether dwelling in the realm of dreams or nightmares, the primordial drive
of the Newcastle-based band is more powerful than ever. Land Of Sleeper, their fourth record in a decade of riot and rancour, is testimony to this: the sound of a band not so much reinvigorated as channeling a furious energy, which only appears to gather momentum as the band’s surroundings spin on their axis.

Matt Baty (loudmouth upfront): “Shouting about themes of existential dread comes very naturally to me, and I think because I’m aware of that in the past I’ve tried to rein that in a little. There’s definitely moments on this album where I took my gloves off and surrendered to that urge.”

Lead single: Mr Medicine

Tour Dates 2023

PIGS (x7): Website – Instagram

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