TURN UP THE VOLUME Scores 110.459 Views in 2022 – THANK YOU ALL!

I never thought it would come to this when I started TURN UP THE VOLUME BLOG
back in 2015, to kill some time now and then, about music, the second most important thing in my life after my family.

Over the years more and more daily followers/visitors, artists, PR agencies and record labels found their way to TURN UP THE VOLUME which motivated me to write more and more and, eventually, spending all of my free time on the blog. It helps of course when you’re a music junkie and gig addict yourself and the fact that I have professional publishing experience.

The fact that in 2022 TUTV scored more views again then in all the years before with 110.459 views is super-duper-tastic! THANK YOU ALL! That’s all I need to keep on
bloggin’ and rockin’ in the free world.

An overview of the number of views over the years.

2022: 110.459

2021: 106.579
2020: 100.071
2019:   66.869
2018:   51.489
2017:   43.911
2016:   27.236
2015:   11.544


41% from America
30% from the UK
8,50´% from Canada
3.60% from Germany
3.50% from France
3.30% from Australia
2.40% from Italy
2.30% from Ireland
2.25% from Belgium
3.15% rest of the world

TURN UO THE VOLUME: Blog – Facebook – Twitter – Instagram

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