Gone But Not Forgotten – British Electro Pioneers CABARET VOLTAIRE

Great bands from the past

20 February 2023

On the cover of legendary British music weekly Sounds – 1984

CABARET VOLTAIRE (1973–1994, 2009–2021) were British pioneers in all
things techno/electro/dance/dark-post-punk-wave/acid-house. They started
as a trio with Stephen Mallinder, Richard H. Kirk, and Chris Watson.

The latter already left in 1981 and Stephen Mallinder went his own way in 1995.
Fourteen years later, in 2009, Kirk revitalized CV until his sudden death last year,
aged only 65.

Cabaret Voltaire released 14 LPs, and individually or collaborating
with other artists all three musicians also recorded multiple albums.

1-2-3 great CV moments.

1979 single

From 1982 LP 2X45

From 1984 LP Micro-Phonies

The formidable final album – 2020

CV: Bio – Discography

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