Waking Up With Metalcore Maniacs MARKED;LIFE And Their Apocalypse Nightmare ‘SHADOW TAG’

Daily noise that works faster than a gallon of caffeine

7 March 2023

Arizona‘s maddening metal-core-heads MARKED;LIFE
with their new scary slam dunk called SHADOW TAG

James Cabeke (bassist) “‘Shadow Tag’ is a song inspired by a night terror that happened to me when I was very young. Essentially the song was influenced by the inability to escape a demonic force targeting you, and it portrayed itself as an innocent dream that turns evil at the drop of a hat. Unable to escape the dream, paralysis kicked in and I was violently haunted. I woke up, and to this day I swore that the cloaked demon was standing above me in my room. The kicker is the dream happened twice in my life, and the second time was arguably worse, but I was older and stood my ground. I hope that the song inspires interesting conversations, and gets people feeling spooky (laughs).”

Shadow Tag is a blaring burst that reminds you of your worst Apocalyse nightmare.
It makes your poor head spin like creepy Linda Blair in The Exorcist when screamo frontman Sam tries to strangle you with his Herculian vox. When the band slows
down for a moment it’s only to reload their tank for a hair-raising climax. Hallelujah!

No rest for the wicked, including Marked;Life themselves.

Get together, all you mosh-pit maniacs
out there and pretend it’s Doomsday.

Go mental while watching the new
video clip for this hammer blow.

MARKED;LIFE: Facebook – Instagram

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