Released 20 Years Ago – ‘SEVEN NATION ARMY’ By THE WHITE STRIPES (More Than 554 Million Views On YouTube)

3 May 2023

THE WHITE STRIPES was/is one of the greatest bands of the 21st Century.
Meg and Jack were a mean blues-rock machine who released 6 albums
between 1999 and 2007.

One of their best LPs, without a shadow of a doubt, is their
breaktrough one ELEPHANT released 20 years ago (1 April 2003).

The opening track and also the album’s first single SEVEN NATION ARMY
(more than 1 billion streams so far on Spotify – 1.290.780.863 to be exact)
made them famous around the globe. It was at #1 on the UK indie charts
and #1 on the US Alternative Charts.

The accompanying video (more than 554 million views on YouTube, so far)
was a cool rock ‘n’ roll one with, of course, Meg and Jack, as the charismatic
stars in the middle.


THE WHITE STRIPES: Bio – Discography – Instagram

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