Waking Up With… British Clear-Cut Post-Punks CUCAMARAS

Daily noise that works faster than any stimulant

21 May 2023

Who: Four-piece from Nottingham that have been making waves since 2020 with their definitive, genre-spanning sound that incorporates elements of post-punk, indie and art pop to create something remarkable and unique.

They just released their second EP named BUCK ROGERS TIME, featuring 5 clear-cut
riff-manic corkers. Post-punk at its penetrative best. The stream of post-Brex-shit bands continues. Cucamaras joins the far-out queue of mavericks such as Ditz, Crows, Yard Act, Shame, Silverbacks, black midi and more.

EP Artwork

Joshua Hart (co-frontman) explains the meaning of the EP’s title: “Buck Rogers Time is a phrase that I believe is used in American prisons; which refers to a prison sentence so long that you’ll never get out. The theme of being stuck in purgatory, or longing for more is one that has featured quite a lot in our music, right from our early stuff.

Don’t miss these young ambitious gunslingers.
They’ll going up faster than an eye-ear blink.


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Waking Up With British Clear-Cut Post-Punks CUCAMARAS

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