Brighton’s Riot Punk Sensation LAMBRINI GIRLS Spit And Sneer That ‘YOU’RE WELCOME’

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22 May 2023

Brighton’s amazeballs LAMBRINI GIRLS are punk’s new sensation of the year
to Turn Up The Volume‘s ears and eyes, and not only to my ears/eyes, check out
above the renowned critics who are raving about them too. The three cast iron
battle-axes just released their 6-track EP, titled YOU’RE WELCOME.

Expect 6 Apocalpyse-punk-now cannonballs, 6 in-your-male-macho-face
firecrackers, 6 full-speed- garage rock Lamborghinis. Holy burning shit!

I’ll give you 5 reasons why Lambrini Girls should be
your new favorite she-devils band too from now on.

1. Their trash-and-crash havoc makes you want to start
a one-man/woman moshpit from the moment it erupts
from your stereo.

2. They get in the ugly faces, with sharp-teethed panache, of male machos,
LGBT-phobics, and all other intolerant scumbags. Watch your back LADS.

3. Sonically they combine the sassy spirit of riot grrls Bikini Kill, the biting
bitchiness of Courtney Love, the primal screams of X-Ray Spex‘s late genial
vox Poly Sterene , and the unbridled DIY mentality of The Slits.

4. Live, as I witnessed, a couple of weeks ago LG are explosive punkettes with loudmouthed Phoebe Lunny more off than on stage interacting with the audience.
Their spunky swagger and their intrepid presence was flabbergasting the whole set through.

5. As I experienced before and after the gig Lambrini Girls are for real, they’re
big fun, they are totally open-minded, and they’re great human beings. Hail Hail!


“You’re welcome”

The Lamborghini bass player

LG: Instagram – Facebook

(Live photos by Turn Up The Volume)

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