JOY DIVISION – Ground And Soundbreaking Debut Album ‘UNKNOWN PLEASURES’ Released 44 Years Ago Today

Back in time

15 June 2023

Manchester’s post-punk heroes JOY DIVISION released their ground-and-sound
breaking debut LP UNKNOWN PLEASURES 44 years ago today, on 15 June 1979.

A landmark achievement. Along with the Sex Pistols‘s Never Mind The Bollocks and
The Stone Roses‘ self-titled one of the best-ever debut longplayers in my book.

An at times pitch black experience that sounded like nothing else before. Mind-blowing, masterly music that appealed to doubtful hearts and confused souls, and still does after
all these years. The astonishing record, despite the fact that not all members were happy with the final result due to producer Martin Hannett‘s excessive drug use and imposing views, became a classic tour de force for many generations.

To my and countless other ears this record still has a blood-curdling impact with every single member of the band delivering essential contributions to this incredibly gripping and wholehearted raw diamond. A full track-by-track accomplishment. Each piece is on-target and terrifically rousing.

R.I.P. Ian Curtis

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