46 Years Ago Today The King ELVIS PRESLEY Passed Away

16 August 2023

As we all know, except those who grew up on Mars (unless they had Internet),
ELVIS was one of the first real rock stars (let’s not forget other giants such as
Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis and Bill Haley). Utterly cool, utterly
charismatic, utterly good-looking, and an utterly great voice signing utterly
catchy tunes. Oh, almost forgot his utterly swing-and-shake pelvis.

Today, 16 August, it’s already 46 years since his untimely
death. Only 42, after a heavy roller-coaster life. R.I.P.

Elvis biographer Joel Williamson wrote later: “Perhaps involving a reaction to
the codeine and attempts to move his bowels—he experienced pain and fright
while sitting on the toilet. Alarmed, he stood up … and fell face down in the fetal
position.” Drooling on the rug and “unable to breathe, he died.”

Three of TUTV’s Elvis favs.




30 #1

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