6 October 2023

Two years ago DEAP VALLY, guitarist/vocalist Lindsay Troy and drummer/vocalist
Julie Edwards, one of the most exciting and dynamite garage rock acts, and utterly
cool and drop-dead gorgeous feminists, of the past 10 years – on record, on stage
and off stage – released their 4th LP (the collaborative one with The Flaming Lips
included), titled MARRIAGE.

L/J“Being in a band is like being in a marriage: sometimes it’s magical,
sometimes it’s unbearably challenging. To reinvigorate that marriage we’ve
made album three a genre-bending experiment with new collaborators and
instrumentation that push the limits of what has previously defined us.”

TUTV wrote: “The message of Marriage is loud and clear: Lindsey Troy and Julie Edwards are here to stay. Their musical bond is tighter than ever. Looking to the future they broadened their musical horizons impressively. Mind you, don’t expect a free jazz record. Deap Vally are still about rocking and rolling while tackling their demons with an intimidating vocal bravado and thunderous drums, but in a far more varied way than before.”

I couldn’t be more wrong. A couple of weeks ago, they announced their divorce (mind
you, best friends for life). Fuck. Sniff. Shit. Bloody. Damn. I thought it was actually time for a new record and a tour, Europe included. Unfortunately, their journey comes to an end.

Well, their records are 4ever, and both the memories of interviewing Lindsay and Julie
back in 2013 in Brussels while they were knitting (they met in knit class) and seeing them live three times (2 x Brussels, 1 x Amsterdam) are 4ever.

Hello Lindsay, Brussels 2013 – pic TUTV

Hello Julie, Brussels 2013 – pic TUTV

For the occasion I made a best-of compilation.
15 Deap Vally crackers selected from their
4 albums + 2 EPs


Sistrionix (2013)
Femejism (2016)
Deap Lips (2020)
Collaborative album with Oklahoma‘s
glorious eccentrics The Flaming Lips
Marriage (2022)


Digital Dream (2021)
American Cockroach (2021)

BEST OF DV according to TUTV

To say goodbye DV release a special version of their seminal debut record, featuring
the fully re-recorded album, plus a whole other record’s worth of b-sides, early demos,
and other unreleased goodies from deap in the vally vault. Pre-order HERE.

Farewell Tour

May the road rise with Lindsay and Julie
and their wonderful families

DEAP VALLY: Instagram – Website

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