With this new album, Northern Irish political punk guerilla’s THE BARBITURATES
show again that they care about our fucked-up society, about humanity, about the weak, the poor and the outsiders, about tolerance, about inclusivity, about the desperate need for global peace. Couldn’t agree more. Unfortunately, all the caring in the world couldn’t avoid another dirty war.

War Is Obsolete is a serene and gripping work of music that’ll make you silent now and then, sonically with its, mostly instrumental, psychedelic jams with Eastern vibes here and there, and lyrically with loud and clear words describing the evil terror caused by war-and-power greedy scumbags.

Purchase this record, digitally, 5£ or more.

All proceeds got to PCRF – Palestine Children’s Relief Fund.



Seasoned blues-rock duo THE KILLSAlison Mosshart and Jamie Hince – are finally back with a new longplayer, their first in 7 years, following the swirling Ash & Ice album in 2016.

(Photo by Turn Up The Volume – Amsterdam, 2016)

God Games features fewer fireworks than on previous LPs, but the pair still move and
groove with sonic fervour and melodramatic tunes, as we know them. Sultry, delirious and passional. When Mosshart sings the blues, her heart-and-soul vocality draws all attention. Her tantalizing timbre and her midnight hour tone combined with Hince‘s edgy riffs and roasting hooks are what made me a Kills fan from day 1.

This 12-track record is a slow grower. Take your time, it’s all worth it.

Key tracks: La Hex / 103 / My Girls My Girls / Blank / Bullet Sound



3. ‘1901’ by MELODY FIELDS (Sweden)

Band: “’1901’ can be best described as a rock album with psychedelic influences. It showcases repetitive guitar riffs, distorted soundscapes, and mesmerising three-part harmony vocals. Throughout these musical landscapes, we were fortunate to collaborate with guest musicians from esteemed bands such as GOAT and Holy Wave, who added an extra layer of sonic brilliance to the album.”

Psychedelic pop/rock is a timeless mind-pleasing-blowing-boggling genre that got its first massive response in the 60s/70s and never went away. On the contrary, psychedelic music is everywhere, then and now and will be in the future. And these Swedish mavericks are fanatic fans as you can hear all the way on ‘1901’. Lots of influences.

From Primal Scream‘s 1991 E-tastic opus Screamadelica (check the horns on Jesus / Rave On) to The Brian Jonestown Massacre‘s jagged jams (Going Back / Home At Last / Transantlatic) but also vibes of The Rolling StonesTheir Satanic Majestic Request album, of Syd Barett’s Pink Floyd era, of 60s layered Beatles harmonies are present and so is George Harrison‘s sitar. 1901 belongs to 2023.




It’s the New Jersey‘s rock idols’ 6th full-length.

Vintage Americana folk-rock delivered with evocative emotions and heart-whole ardency.
Less firepower than before, more reflective musings, and twilight meditations. Bruce Springsteen joined them on the anthemic title track and left his shadow in the studio afterward, as you can hear on touching ballads Autumn and Empires, and on aflame
rocker Little Fires.

Brian Fallon‘s impassioned voice brings Bright EyesConor Oberst
one to mind. Vocally, he’s the song’s life-experienced painter.

Overall History Books is an affecting record that gets better with every listen,
it features multiple rad tunes you want to go back to more than once.




Phuture Memoriez is a synth-punk act from Vancouver (CA). They have released
their third album is like the 2 previous ones a concept album inspired by experimental New York saxophonist John Zorn’s musical improvisation system Cobra.

Be ready to discover these electronic multi-media freaks. Play Cobra is a maniacal mishmash of synth/drums extravaganza, deafening disco-punk (Mouth Yellow / Palm Black / Some Open Hand Cues/ Eye Orange), brain-breaking metallic synthesizer drones (Head Redr Blue / Tactics and industrial havoc throughout. Yes, they’ll blow your mind and your poor head.

Sounds like a diabolic Doomsday soundtrack to my bewildered ears. Well, if we all
have to go one day why not with this Götterdämmerung opus. If you like, FRONT 242,
NIN, Ministry, The Young Gods and Cabaret Voltaire you need to add Play Cobra to your record collection.

Put on a Pussy Riot ski mask
and dance as if Dante’s Inferno
has become real.



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