CLONE – Canadian Glam And Glitter Gang Rock Their Tails Off On New Steamed-Up EP ‘KNOCK OUT DROPS VOL. II’

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7 November 2023

Band: CLONE (Vancouver, Canada)
Who: A female-fronted collective of musicians from various eclectic backgrounds
who bonded over their shared love of 70’s rock, specifically glam rock. They produce
rock anthems that fuse punk with glitter and power with pop.


Kelly Zombor (guitarist): “Our goal was to capture the raw energy and bombastic spirit of 70’s glam and spin it with our punk meets modern pop vibe. We really feel like we achieved that. We also wanted to capture the live feel of our current lineup. To that end, we gave ourselves a tight, 3 day schedule to complete six songs. After 3 days we actually recorded 7.”

Royal Queen video

TUTV: One of the most exiting/thrilling no nonsense, party-orienated rock eras was
the 70s one with British glam and glitter icons such as T.Rex, The Sweet, Roxy Music, David
and Suzi Quatro and America‘s pin-up punks like The Runaways and New York Dolls.

CLONE love them all and let us hear it loud and clear on this new banging, stomping
and pumping EP with 7 catchy-as-hell firecrackers, punked-up with crazy guitar fireworks, walloping drumming and the drop-dead gorgeous queen Juniper Watters spicing up all tunes with her sultry and vocal bravado. Rock chicks like Joan Jett, Miley Cyrus and Pat Benatar come to mind. Wild, right? You betcha.

New Year’s Eve is getting near. KNOCK OUT DROPS VOL. II is an ideal effervescent sonic cocktail to get nuts and drunk to when the clock strikes midnight. Start practicing right now, right here.



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