First Issue ROLLING STONE MAGAZINE – 9 November 1967 – 56 Years Ago Today

9 November 2023

The very first issue of legendary monthly music magazine ROLLING STONE was
published in San Francisco and issued 56 years ago today, on 9 November 1967.

Founder Jan Wenner said that the magazine’s title was inspired by 1950 blues song
Rollin’ Stone, by Muddy Waters, and Bob Dylan‘s hit single Like A Rolling Stone
and of course by the then soon-to-be giant rock stars The Rolling Stones whose name also was inspired (actually, it was Brian Jones who came up with it) by that Muddy Waters cracker.

The cover featured a photo of John Lennon dressed as the soldier
he played that year in the film How I Won The War. The first issue
also had a free roach clip to hold a marijuana joint.


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